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Coordination in deregulated electricity markets
Saariselkä workshop, Ivalo (Finland)
March 22-24, 1999
Systems Analysis Laboratory, HUT
The Nordic Energy Research Program

Pictures of outdoor activities

Yves_Raimo2.jpg (11614 bytes)Yves and Raimo - arrival day (Sunday)

Y_R_S_R.jpg (11355 bytes)Yves, Richard, Shmuel and Raimo - arrival day (Sunday)

Richard, Raimo and Pauli -  arrival day (Sunday)RRP_Cafe.jpg (6603 bytes)

YSPS_Cafe.jpg (11056 bytes)Pauli and Simo (back) - Yves and Shmuel (front) - arrival day (Sunday)

Lap_Kitchen.jpg (11179 bytes)A Lappish kitchen

 H-p1.jpg (10414 bytes)

H-p3.jpg (5962 bytes)Hung-po


H-pJM_skiing.jpg (10010 bytes)Hung-po, Jukka and Mika - to the Monday evening's activities

H-pRS_skiing.jpg (12396 bytes)Hung-po, Richard and Shmuel - to the Monday evening's activities

H-p_skiing1.jpg (8337 bytes)Hung-po

H-p_skiing2.jpg (9970 bytes)Hung-po

Tipi1.jpg (7150 bytes)Ole and Klaus - at the conference dinner

Tipi2.jpg (9857 bytes)Simo, Pauli, Jukka, Mika, Yves - at the conference dinner

Tipi3.jpg (16213 bytes)
Seppo, Pekka, Raimo, Shmuel - at the conference dinner

Tipi4.jpg (10168 bytes)Simo, Jukka, Mika- at the conference dinner

Tipi5.jpg (11678 bytes)
Harri, Erkki, Gjermund, Klaus, Ole, Christian (left) - Hung-po, Yves, Richard (right) - at the conference dinner

2012003A.JPG (14116 bytes)2012026A.JPG (11567 bytes)
"Salmon on fire" and Raimo with the Lappish singer (picutres from E. Lakervi)

Shmuel.jpg (12645 bytes)Shmuel and ...

Pauli.jpg (8341 bytes)Pauli      Pierre1.jpg (10787 bytes)Pierre

(all photos were taken by Pierre and Pauli, feel free to download !)