Graduate school on Systems Analysis, Decision Making and Risk Management is run jointly by the Helsinki University of Technology and the Helsinki School of Economics. It organizes an intensive short course on

Prof. G. Anandalingam
University of Pennsylvania, USA

The emphasis of the course will be on the mathematical techniques for network design rather than on the network technologies. Topics to be handled are: No preliminary knowledge of telecommunication network design is required, but basic knowledge on optimization methods is assumed.

The course takes place on May 27th-29th 1996 at the Helsinki University of Technology (room U358). The daily program includes lectures (9.00-11.30, 12.30-14.30) and exercises (15.30-17.30). The course material will be delivered during the course. Registrations with contact information by e-mail to Pirja Heiskanen (tel. 451 3062) before 26.4.1996.

The short course is free and open to all graduate and undergraduate students as well as others interested in the subject. The course is organized as a Summer School on System Science (Mat-2.194). Active participation in the lectures and exercises gives 1 credit point. The course can be included in the licentiate studies in the Helsinki University of Technology and the Helsinki School of Economics.

Professor Anandalingam's research interests include applied optimization, Bayesian analysis, game theory and economic systems analysis; His area of applied research is the development of heuristic techniques for telecommunications networks. He is currently also a visiting professor in the Indian Institute of Management.


prof. Raimo P. Hämäläinen,

Director of the Graduate School on System analysis, Decision making and Risk analysis

Systems Analysis